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We specialize in California record clearing laws, and our knowledge and expertise in this area allows us to not only provide specialized expert record clearing legal services but to offer these services at the absolute lowest fixed prices. A knowledgeable attorney will work on your case from start to finish, which will optimize your chance at successfully getting your record cleaned up.


Affordable Expungement Fees


  Fees and costs for all misdemeanor DUI expungements include the following only:


    -  $850  attorney fee (add $250 if probation violation exists)

    -  $450  Early Termination Of Probation

    -  $120  filing fee




The attorney fee billed by the law firm for preparing the applicable paperwork.


A filing fee is assessed on each petition, and is payable directly to the state. This is a flat rate on all petitions.


Experienced Attorneys


We are the Original California Expungement Law Firm and have been expunging California records since 1997, and have been on the web since 2000. We are a small firm that emphasizes personal attention, not a high volume of cases. Our fees are reasonable, competitive, and include all legal work, court costs and court hearings; you usually do not need to appear in court.


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