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Our Money Back Guarantee


100% Money Back Guarantee


We offer a no risk 100% money back guarantee on our infraction, misdemeanor and felony expungement services.† Therefore, if we canít get your conviction expunged you don't pay our legal fee!† Its that simple!


Details Of Money Back Guarantee


There are only a few attorneys in California protecting their clients with such a money back guarantee.† We offer this guarantee because we are confident in our ability to know whether or not a Southern California criminal conviction can be expunged.† Here are the details on our 100% guarantee:


*† Court cost and filing fees are not included in the guarantee (usually $60-$120 for each expungement petition).† The guarantee is ONLY applicable to our legal fees.


*† Guarantee only applies to our infraction, misdemeanor and felony expungement services.


*† Guarantee does not apply if we are also filing petition to terminate probation early.


*† Only a 50% money back guarantee, less filing fees, is applicable on cases that involve a probation violation if the client notified the law office of the probation violation.† If the client fails to notify us of the probation violation prior to the petition being filed, and the petition is subsequently denied then the guarantee does not apply.


*† If client commits an act after the expungement petition is filed that renders the petition ineligible for relief then the guarantee is not applicable.†


*† If a felony is reduced to misdemeanor, but not expunged, we will refund only 50% of attorney fee, less filing fees.


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