If you receive a DUI while attending college or applying to colleges, you may face consequences imposed by the institution, as well as state-mandated consequences indirectly impacting your college career.


In California, our DUI defense attorneys believe everyone deserves a second chance. We are dedicated to helping college students find the best way to resolve their DUI cases.  College years are among some of the best in a person's life.  It is important to keep those years intact by fighting the charges of one mistake.


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DUI Consequences for College Students


If your college finds out about your DUI charge, the likelihood of facing punishment imposed by your school depends on whether you violated the institution's Student Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct will include certain sanctions for various violations. Although these codes vary, possible penalties include:


    *  Loss of scholarships and federal financial aid

    *  Loss of student housing

    *  Loss of college-related privileges (i.e. library use, attending athletic events)

    *  Temporary or permanent suspension

    *  Conduct probation


Some colleges will dole out penalties just for a DUI charge, even if you are not convicted of the crime.


If you are a high school student preparing to begin the college application process and have been charged with DUI, in addition to dealing with the pain of telling your mom and dad about your arrest for DUI, you may have to disclose the charge on a college application. Typically, a DUI will not necessarily prevent you from being admitted to a higher education institution, but failing to disclose the DUI may hurt your chances of being accepted – if you lie about the charge and the school finds out, they may deny your application based on the omission.


Before you make any kind of plea or legal decision regarding your DUI charge, you should speak with our DUI defense attorneys to find the best possible solution.


Long-Term Effects of College DUI


Even if your school does not punish you for a DUI, criminal consequences imposed by the state can indirectly affect both your college career and your future employment opportunities. In California, a DUI conviction may result in:


    *  A felony charge if this is not your first DUI.

    *  Suspension of your driving privileges.

    *  Jail time (from 96 hours to six months for a first)

    *  Steep fines (in excess of $3500).

    *  Installation of an ignition interlock device.

    *  Lengthy alcohol program.


Jail time and a suspension of your driver's license may dramatically impact your grade, because you may not be able to get to class. If you are looking at heavy fines, you may have to get a job, which can take your attention away from your studies.


If you are not a first-time offender, a repeat DUI can result in a felony conviction. Felony convictions can be especially troublesome because you may have to disclose the conviction on future job applications or applications to grad school. The felony may result in employers or graduate programs denying your application. Also, if you are pursuing a career in a field requiring licensure, such as law or nursing, your ability to get the license may be hindered by your felony.


DUI Defense Lawyers


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How DUI Affects A College Student

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