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Endorsement from lawyer: Andrew Leone

Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. Reynoso has a vast knowledge of the legal system. This, coupled with his experience, make him the perfect advocate. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal advice.



Endorsement from lawyer: Mark Campanella

Litigation Lawyer


Mr. Reynoso is an exceptional attorney who always strongly advocates for the interests of his client. Anyone retaining his services would be well served by his expertise and compassion.



Endorsement from lawyer: Peggy Raddatz

Divorce / Separation Lawyer


Attorney Reynoso is held in high esteem by his clients and his colleagues. His experience and expertise make him the best choice to represent you in your DUI defense.



Endorsement from lawyer: Erin Farley

Family Law Attorney


Mr. Reynoso is a skilled and zealous advocate who clearly has tremendous experience as well as an exceptional grasp of the law. Further, Mr. Reynoso's dedication to assisting people on sites such as Avvo demonstrates a rare compassion for those in need. I highly recommend this attorney.



Endorsement from lawyer: Emanuel Mouganis

General Practice Lawyer


Attorney Reynoso is an outstanding attorney with an exceptional reputation. He is a strong and zealous advocate for his clients and a credit to the legal profession.



Endorsement from lawyer: Gintare Grigaite

Immigration Attorney


He is very knowledgeable about DUI/DWI cases, and will represent your best interests. Attorney Reynoso is also a frequent speaker on the DUI issues, and contributes greatly to the community.



Endorsement from lawyer: Fareesh Sarangi

Personal Injury Lawyer


Mr. Reynoso's accomplishments and track record of success in DWI cases speak for themselves. I recommend him without hesitation.



Endorsement from lawyer: John Thygerson

Criminal Defense Attorney


Attorney Reynoso is a highly skilled and dedicated advocate for all of his clients. His academic and professional pedigree places him in the upper echelon of DWI attorneys. His membership in the National DUI College speaks for itself. I would not hesitate to refer clients to him.



Endorsement from lawyer: Stephen Hoffman

Personal Injury Lawyer


His mastery of his practice area and commitment to his clients is well-demonstrated, and his answers in Avvo are thoughtful and complete.



Endorsement from lawyer: Miguel Duarte

DUI / DWI Attorney


Edgar really cares about his clients and knows the landscape of Orange County courts well. His knowledge of the law and relationships he's built in Orange County really enables him to get favorable outcomes for his clients.



Endorsement from lawyer: Rondee Eagle

Criminal Defense Attorney


Attorney Reynoso is a zealous advocate for his clients. He possesses integrity and intelligence of the highest order. I highly recommend this lawyer.



Endorsement from lawyer: George Abbes

Criminal Defense Attorney


Ed is a zealous advocate and works hard to get the best results for his clients.



Endorsement from lawyer: Radhika Sood

Employment / Labor Attorney


Mr. Reynoso is a passionate advocate for his clients and committed to providing excellent service. He is a knowledgeable lawyer and it is my pleasure to endorse him.



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